Quote of Interest

Something to contemplate along the way

Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976)

A quote found in IDEA 28.20121 from the communist leader of China. It points out what we as Christians have to offer - Love! It is a shame many who want no part of communism or socialism want a hammer to smash them instead of love.

Der Kommunismus ist nicht Liebe, sondern der Hammer, mit dem wir Feinde zerschlagen.

Communism is not love, instead it is a hammer, with which we smash enemies.

Luther Quotes

While in Wittenberg we saw a couple of quotes from Martin Luther which are good for us to think about, 500 years later!




New "Religion"

I read this in IDEA and thought it was very astute.

PN -13.3.21

We are experiencing how the freedom in the Arts and the intellectual culture of debate is being ever more replaced by a quasi-religious world view in which everything revolves around the struggle against power structures. This new religion deeply distrusts reason and replaces it with feelings and the affliction/dismay of people.
- John McWhorter, Professor of Linguistics (New York), in a Spiegel (Magazine) interview