Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Big Brother

My brother and his wife, Stan and Cindy, paid a visit. It was a great time. It was the first time since I came in 1981 that my brother has made it over to see us. He always flies the other direction, that is to say to the Philippines, where he has work to do.
They got off the airplane and we immediately took a trip up the Rhine River. The weather was spectacular that day and it was not to hold. From the quaint towns along the river and the Rhine castles, we went to the town in which the Smelser’s lived when they left Germany in 1750, a bit of the Smelser history.

We left that area the next day in rain and went up to Trier to see some of the Roman ruins. At one time Trier was the capital of the Roman Empire. We saw the baths, the “Black Gate” and the amphitheater along with Karl Marx’s birth house.

We then drove over to the Wartburg, where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German while hiding out. There in the area is also the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, which we visited. We also got over to Berlin to see the Babylonian Ishtar Gate and the Wall.

Highlights of 2000 years of German history along with a detour to Babylonia and Assyrian history 3000 years old - in a week. Time travel! (For more pics click

We also had some down time in Peine and they got to experience where and how we live. It sure is nice to have strong believers in the family who support the work and are also interested in it. Great visit from a great brother and sister-in-law.