2014 Trip Wrap Up

The Reporting Trip of 2014 was a great time. We were able to make so many contacts and visit with so many people. We were blessed by the visits with new people in the churches and the time we spent with the churches.

This trip we were able to meet several younger people in the churches. Quite often missions committees and support seems to be a domain of the older members of the church. Younger members want to go on missions trips but little else weekly contact with the church’s missionaries. This time there seemed to be more interest and involvement from the younger ones, for which we are thankful.

And of course, we were happy to hear how well the Peine Church did in our absence.

Some of our stats from the trip.
12,000 miles traveled
45 beds slept in
22 ex-European Missionaries or expats (all attended MidWinter Rally)
21 States visited
20 churches visited
19 individual supporters (couples or families) visited
17 times slide program
13 times to preach
11 Cousins and families visited
9 Aunts and Uncles visited
8 Missions Committees reports
8 Summer workers or interns
5 World Cup Soccer games watched (USA did great and only lost to Germany 0-1 which looks really good after Germany beat Portugal and Brazil 4-0 and 7-1)
5 times interviewed in a Sunday Service
All 5 nephews and nieces (and their spouses when married) visited
All 3 parents visited
3 Youth or children’s programs
2 perspective missionaries visited
Both brothers and wives visited
1 Sermon preached over Skype (a couple I married 25 years ago celebrated their 25th anniversary and I preached again this time using the marvel of Skype to a computer connected to a video projector)
1 North American Christian Convention
1 old college roommate reunion
1 co-student from Katy’s MA program visited
1 Family Reunion
1 State Fair
1 Hayride
1 missed flight (causing us to arrive a day late) because of a 3 hour still-stand on the interstate to the airport.
1 delayed flight because of tornadoes
1 race thru the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport to catch our transatlantic flight - first time to have my name called out throughout a major airport.
1 brake repair on the car.
#1 Germany won World Cup!!
0 flat tires
0 accidents

The map shows where we drove during the 4 months. Click on the map to go to the album with pictures of our travels. Or click