IMG_0830A short history
Randy and Katy met in Vienna, Austria at TCM (a mission behind the Iron Curtain) in 1981. Randy had just completed an internship in southern Germany. He returned in 1985 to Hanover, Germany working with the Gemeinde Christi. Katy joined the work as an intern in 1988. They moved in 1990 to work more intensively with the Peine home Bible study. Through youth outreach, using English and home Bible studies, they helped lay the foundation for a church in Hildesheim (1992) and started the church in Peine (1994). Randy has also led in establishing the Latin American church in Hannover (2000). Katy teaches English to adults, works with the women‘s Bible Study and in Sunday School and has a hospitality ministry. She graduated with a MA (TESOL) from Biola University, LA, CA in May 2016. Randy received his TESOL Certificate in Dec. 2016 from Biola University. They both teach English at the Kreisvolkshochschule (county adult education centre) in Peine. They are both also working with Syrians refugees in Peine, Germany thru the organization Familie für Familie (Family for Family).