Confused State Church I

The State Protestant Church (Lutheran + Reform = Evangelisch Church) has been struggling for years not really knowing what direction to take. When you cut the line (the Bible) to the Anchor (Jesus), it is not surprising. This swinging in all direction has intensified in the last couple of years with extreme positions being taken in this church organization. A couple of examples:

A woman pulled out of the Church in Saxony because they started allowing practicing homosexual pastors and their mates to live in the parsonage. Her husband is a pastor. Now he is not allowed to give her communion. Yet the Church has been having/trying to have communion services with Muslims and Buddhists. And I, as a member of “Free Church”, or even an atheist can take communion. Yet she is forbidden because she stood up for the Bible’s position and opted out of the Church.

Baptism is another confused subject. A Lutheran kindergarten teacher can be an atheist or Buddhist but if she is immersed as an adult(“re-baptized”) she will lose her job. Yet recently I read of a Lutheran preacher who was traveling in the Mid East and spontaneously decided to be immersed in the Jordan River, “just like Jesus.” That was okay and a great idea.

In Jena, in the former East Germany, research was done and it is reported that the “nonbaptized” pray more than the “baptized” children in schools. 25.9% of the male non’s said they pray often. While only 17.2% the male baptized could say that. (ideaSpektrum 9.2013)

In the homeland of Martin Luther in Eastern Germany, the Lutheran church is still the “People’s” church (Volkskirche) and has special privileges. And yet 68-81%, depending on the area, are not members of any church. The people are no longer with the church.