Confused State Church II

Recently a conservative Lutheran preacher, basically the Billy Graham of Germany right now, was banned from preaching in a main Lutheran Church in Berlin because of his stand that homosexuality is a sin (ideaSpektrum 11.2013). It went back and forth on whether he should be allowed to preach there or not. Yet the Church has no problem with Muslims preaching in the churches, even though they too consider homosexuality to be wrong and in most Muslim countries the homosexuals die for their life style.

A main candidate for the “Green Party” is also President of the Evangelisch Church of Germany Synod. The Greens have called for a law to forbid therapy- treatment of minors for homosexuality, even if the minor wants it. The Synod backs her and the Greens but church counseling organizations (such as Wuestenstrom and OJC) along with the German Evangelisch Alliance is against the plans of the Greens.

The big “Church Congress” forbade a mission working with Jews to bring them to their Messiah (Jesus Christ) to set up an exhibit (ideaSpektrum 17 + 19.2013). The question is then would they allow the apostle Peter or Paul to come because that is exactly what they did – namely expect Jews to come to Jesus the Messiah. This is the “Year of Tolerance” in the Church and preaching Christ to Jews is considered intolerant; it might offend someone. Yet a Palestinian exhibit was allowed to present a very one-sided view of the Jews and Israel as aggressors. This offended the national Jewish organization in Germany. (ideaSpektrum18.2013)

Because of this same reasoning a church of Christians from Muslim backgrounds were not allowed to use a church building for services in Frankfurt. (ideaSpektrum 20.2013). The pastor was accused of coercing Muslims into converting to Christianity. This is a bit confusing since the Muslims usually expect to be rejected by family or worse for conversion. Who is coercing?

Also at the Church Congress an Islamic Imam sing-song prayed Sure 2 from the Koran and received massive applause although in this passage the command to kill the “unbelievers” (that would include most of those at the Church Congress) is cited (ideaSpektum 19.2013).

This would not be such an important topic if “Free Churches” (churches not bound to the government and evangelical) were strong enough to offer an alternative. But 56% of the county of Peine (Pop. 130,000) is Protestant and less than 1% is from a “Free Church”. Thus this spiritual indecisiveness is spiritually killing. Without the Bible as a standard man will be tossed to and fro, which is exactly what is happening the Protestant Church.