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In the Corona Era - English Classes


Classes have been pushed back until further notice. Our county has such a high count of Corona cases that it unlikely that the semester will ever run.


The start of our English classes has been pushed back to after Easter.


The phone call came today. The rest of the semester has been cancelled. No more classes in January or February. The start of the new semester has been moved back from the beginning of February to the middle of March.
In a way that was a relief. We no longer have to be thinking about that and wondering if we would have classes the next time.


Two women from my conversation class came by for a chat. They are concerned because the class is not as light hearted as usual. I explained that one reason is because we had been dealing with the elections in the USA and the second is that we are restricted as to what we can do in class because of Corona Rules.
I asked them if they had any suggestions. "Well, we used to do …." Again and again after every suggestion I had to answer: We are not allowed to do that. Very few basic methods of teaching are left but we are still allowed to have class.


Waiting…Right now I am waiting for the results of a Corona test from a woman in my Wednesday English class. I could not go to church yesterday and preached over Zoom. Today the results were to be there but were not so I am not allowed to teach English tonight. I got the call on Friday that one of the women in my class was sick and had been tested for Corona.

Sept.15 - Good News…The woman in my class tested negative. So everything is back to normal – whatever that is


We finished off the semester of English classes and had a couple of days of vacation. The classes went into middle of July; they should have been finished at the beginning of June. We will have only 5 weeks summer vacation before the new semester starts. Usually we have 3 months.
It was good to finish off the semester even if some of our students did not continue. For those who did continue to come it was good to have the brain stimulated after weeks of only one topic - Corona Lockdown.


English classes have started up again. Our boss at the Adult Education Center worked hard to get rooms for Katy and my classes. Not all classes will be running again but all 4 of Katy’s are going and 2 of 3 of mine are running. It has been stressful learning the rules, practicing them and yet still having a decent English lesson that is communicative. We are exhausted after class. Wednesday classes have been going for 2 weeks and Monday classes start this Monday.
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English classes were cancelled. No one can say when they will start again, if at all this semester.