Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Rolling down Memory Lane

We had visitors last week – out of our past.
I met Marlies at a youth camp in East Germany in 1982. I worked for a mission which helped Christians behind the iron curtain. I went to the East German Baltic coast with another young man where we camped at an international camping grounds. We could not camp just anywhere as Americans back then in this communist country but the camp was only about 10 miles away from where the East German teens and twens where staying so it worked out great. So we camped and every morning went to spend the day with them. Our goal was just open a window to the wide world and let them know they were not alone as Christians

Marlies and I had been in contact over the years occasionally but nothing for the last few years. Katy and I married in Oct. 1988 and six months later Marlies and Christian married. And so they were celebrating their 25th in April.

She called out of the blue in March and asked about her and her husband stopping for a visit. He had a scooter from his young years in East Germany (1980’s) – the thing was built in 1960. And for their 25th wedding anniversary he fixed it up and they wanted to visit old friends and family that they had not seen in years. Back then when he bought it, it was impossible to buy a car without being on a waiting list for years. But he was able to buy the old “Roller”. It was a bit of freedom of travel in a walled up country – East German Easy Rider!

They are in a small Baptist church, which has been looking for a preacher for 3 years now. And so the past is not the only thing that connects us. It is a joy to see and hear that things we did in the past have lasting effects. She is also in contact with others from that camp so many years ago. What a joy to pop up into our lives.