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Another "Word for Sunday"


Saturday, 20.Apr.2013

A Word for Sunday

Maybe he was a scientist and just doubted everything.

Randall Smelser,
Preacher of the Christ Church in Peine-Stederdorf on „Doubt“

It is fine line. One should have a healthy doubt and not believe everything. There are enough crooks, scammers, and people who act out of egotistical motives. Children are taught not to believe everyone. It is a dangerous world!

On the other hand, when we are too distrustful we grow lonely. Fear of everything and everyone leads to an unhealthy life style. Many people see dishonest motives in every person and behind every act.

This is a doubt that has run amuck.

One thing I like about the Bible is that it is full of real people. Abraham was caught in a pack of lies. Moses took the law into his own hands and killed someone. Peter was a racist. No one had a clean slate.

And there were also the doubters. David in the Psalms often asked God questions.

Some prophets were unsure. Even John the Baptist, who experienced Jesus for himself, had doubts.

The most famous doubter was Thomas. A week after the resurrection of Jesus, Thomas did not believe that Jesus was alive.

I am not sure what exactly he doubted – his fellow man, the witnesses of the living Christ, or the power of God. Maybe he was a scientist and just doubted everything. Maybe he had heard too many conspiracy theories and saw base motives everywhere.

It does not really matter why, but Thomas had doubts and through that we can be more sure of the credibility of the resurrection.

He had a healthy doubt which dissolved when he met the living Christ.

An unhealthy doubt would never have been dispelled no matter what Thomas may have seen or experienced.

Are your doubts healthy or unhealthy?