Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Celebrate: 20 years + 10 years

Time flies! The church celebrated its 20 year anniversary and the 10 year anniversary of the completion of the Hayloft Project on 16 November 2014. The actual 20th anniversary was the 13 November and the 10th anniversary would be Christmas Eve 2014. To celebrate we had a „Triangle“ meeting with the churches of Christ from Hildesheim and Brunswick. We had about 75 in attendance which about maxed out our building. Several people from the original church in Hannover attended and greetings were sent by others from the mother Hannover church, ex-interns and friends of the church.

Randy led the service. We sang songs from different eras of the church and between the songs were pictures of 20 years ago and also a video of the Hayloft Project. It was good fun and encouraging. Of course it is sad to see so many people who had been part of the church and now, for most part, live else. Once we counted up if everyone had stayed we would be running 90. Don Roehrkasse from Hildesheim had a very challenging sermon about Jesus calming the water and for Pete’s sake why doesn’t he always do that in our lives!

After church we had a fellowship meal - soup and salad. And then we rounded off the day with cake and coffee. A crowded event but so good.

In the midst of the crowd we also had three visitors. One woman has visited before and just felt the need to come on that day. She was a bit surprised at the mass of people. Another couple, brother and sister, came too. People from the church thought they were from one of the other churches. But slowly we found out that they were checking out different churches in the area and just happened upon us that Sunday.

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