Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Harding University Choir

This last Friday the Harding University (Sercy, AR) choir stopped by and sang at our church. They arrived in the afternoon and we took them to the chocolate factory and then they sang at the International Café. INCA is a mix of foreigners and Germans. About forty heard them there. The organizers of INCA were totally happy. The organization we work with in helping the refugees works also with INCA. So we will have future open doors for conversations with people from INCA.
In the evening the choir sang at our church. It was a bit tight with 30 in the choir and 40 in the audience. At least 5 people came because of the newspaper article. Several came from our English classes and friends. We had a mix of atheist, Muslims, agnostics, and “Christians” of every shade. Harding is a Church of Christ school so there were several beautiful hymnal arrangements, Spirituals and other Gospel songs besides a mix of traditional songs from around the world. Although tight we wanted the choir in the church building so people would know that we exist. We had several good talks before and after the concert.

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