Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Ghana Church in Hanover

One of our many hats that we wear is that of being a resource person. Over the last couple of years a Ghana Church of Christ developed in Hamburg. This Hamburg church has since started a church in Hanover. On the third Advent I was asked to come and preach at a special service. I was surprised to see the room full with about 110 people in attendance. Not bad for a one year old church! The church has grown because they offer not only services in English but also it translated in Twi, the major tribal language in Ghana. Thus the singing was mostly English but also some Twi. My sermon was also translated into Twi.

The church rents a room in a community center and so when they needed a baptistry they called us. On October 15, 28 Ghanese/Ghanians/people from Ghana came by train and bus (they did not get off and rode to the end station 10 miles north of town and then road back – what did the bus driver think?). The purpose was 5 baptisms. I was surprised when they got here that they asked me to do the baptizing. So it was a morning of the happy event of getting things set up and taking part in their service in our building.