Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

What is success?

I was struggling with feeling of “lack of success” and had an especially bad Monday (maybe I ate gluten on Sunday?). Katy prayed for me on Tues while I was at my usual time at the gym that I would have a good talk with someone to show me my purpose. Guess what happened! One of our neighbors started to talk with me about parents dying. I was able to talk about hope in Christ and she even mentioned how hopeless atheism is. So keep praying for us as we sow seeds in faith that some day there will be a harvest that someone else will bring in (John 4:34-38).

We saw God’s working this last week in another way. I prepared the Bible study for Wednesday evening – The Story Chapter 25 – Jesus: God’s Son. I was then surprised that one of our members brought one of our Syrians to the study. We have Arabic Bibles (Thanks to the church of Christ in Berlin!) and so he was able to read the passages that we read: John 7:14-44 Who is Jesus? Mark 8:2-10 What did God the Father say? John 7:14-17. I doubt he understood anything of the discussion but God’s Word was clear. I am sure he will have questions in the future.