Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

What a Sunday

Sunday was crazy. A lady who usually comes was 15 minutes early and in the entry she started telling me about something (I only understood about 50%). She was crying and talking, mixing Russian in with the German, and then would lay her head on my shoulder and wail. While this was going on, unknown visitors walked in. I was thinking – what do they think of this scene. One of our Muslim Syrians came to church.

At the end of church a brother/sister couple from Romania shows up asking for help for their house that was destroyed by a flood, and they had come to Germany to make money but the boss did not give them their pay and now they were trying to get back home. They wanted money. So they were drinking coffee with us and the one woman was carrying on again with tears again and there are guests.

The guests were charismatics who had missed their church so they came to ours – they loved our singing and nothing else phased them. Another of our Syrians came for coffee. What excitement! Just a glimpse into our “boring” lives.