Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Our Lives in the Summer '17

Besides our work we do have a normal life. This summer was no different. Our normal lives with friends and family.




Grandkids….We do not have any biological grandkids but God has given us 4 kids who need grandparents in Germany. Max and Olivia's grandparents are in American and Aleith and Alyss' are in Syria so we have jumped in to fill the gap. We do what any good Oma and Opa would do - fill them with sugar and send them home or have fun with them and let the parents worry about everything else.


Interns…We were blessed to have two super interns for 7 months. Charles and Emily were with us for such a short time but the fit so well in our lives and the church's that it was really hard to see them go. There is a void. They were very independent and willing. They fit in well with so many people in so many age groups and situations. We are hoping they will return after they finish their studies.

Celebrations… Besides both of our birthdays we attended 2 weddings and a 25th wedding anniversary. The first wedding was of an old friend dating back to Katy's days in language school in 1989. Then I preached a sermonette and renewed vows for friends at their 25th wedding anniversary. We have known them since 1993. And finally the wedding of Rebecca who we have know all her life (since 1988). She is the daughter of Don and Cindy who I started working with in Hannover in 1985.

Building projects….Since we had the house rerooted we have been working on an attic space off the bedroom upstairs. Our goal is to have a half bath off our bedroom so we do not have to go up and down the stairs to the the restroom in the middle of the night (we are not getting any younger). We often have problems going back to sleep after climbing the stairs and the old heart is pumping. I have been working on the tiles and so the finish is in site.
The other project we had done. We had the courtyard, which serves as entry to the church and house and our driveway, repaved. It took a week to tear out the old and rebrick it. The old disintegrating bricks (80 years old?) were becoming a danger for tripping so they needed to be replaced. Thanks to the extremely good exchange rate in the spring we were able to save money for it.

Vacation…Katy took a vacation with a woman in the church up and over to Scotland. They had a delightful time on the ferry and in the Highlands. They also went to the church of Christ in Buckey that I had spent a week at in 1983. Of course no one remembered me but the people there were excited to have visitors from a Christian Church from Germany.

Then at the end of summer Katy and I took off of Alsace in France. We stayed in a super quaint old village. We enjoyed the sites, walks among the vines in vineyards and mountains, and exploring the village after all the tourists left in the evening. Of course we spent time trying the specialities of this region of France and I tried to use my French.

Well, that's our summer and now the fall schedule is on.