Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

Alpha Course à la Russian III

The Alpha course in Russian is still going but with only 1-3 visitors. We continue to pray that their efforts are not in vain and that God encourages the organizers. They have plans to continue follow up with those who did come and showed interest in the Gospel.
We are thankful that our church could partner in this work to try to reach out to this sub-culture in Peine.

Alpha Course à la Russian II

Last night the Russian church had their first evening of the Alpha Course. They had been active passing out flyers and talking with people at the Russian stores down the street. Katy and I had given flyers to 4 Russian speakers that we know. So we were excited to see how it would go. We were impressed how the team got set up and were organized. Marcel and I were there in case any teenagers came.
And then no one came. They said they were surprised how hard the people in Peine were when they were trying to talk with them.

Alpha Course à la Russian I

A Russian speaking church in Brunswick “stumbled” upon us. They had been looking for a Russian restaurant and had to work on the GPS and pulled in front of us. They want to do the Alpha Course (an evangelistic program from England) in Russian for the many Russian- Germans in Peine. They did not know that there were 2 Russian grocery stores on our street and they did not know that many Russian-Germans have had German classes in our church building. Too many coincidences all coming together, not to have been God working? So it looks like they will start March 4. The youth (who attend German schools) will be brought in to our youth group while the parents are in the Alpha Course.