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Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven

So What Do You Do?

Quite often people do not know or understand what a preacher does with his time. They see him occasionally on Sundays but the rest of the week….? I thought I would look back on January and mention what I do and how much time it takes. The times are average so it could be that some weeks it is more and some it is less.

Sermon prep = 8 hours
Church on Sunday = 4 hours (be there early and lock up after everyone leaves)
Bible study prep = 2-4 hours
Bible study = 4 hours (including driving time to and from)
Youth group prep, mentoring, group time = 6 hours
Counseling or time with people = 4 hours
Emails, letters, correspondence = 6 hours
Promotion (website, newsletters, Gebetanliegen) = 2 hours
Adult education classes (giving English and taking French to be out among people) = 10 hours
Elders meeting = 1 hour
Finances = 2 hours (January actually more like 6 hours for year end wrap up)
Reading (books and magazines for work) = 6 hours
Misc Whatever = ? hours (depends on the week and what disaster happens)

That gives you an idea. I like the multifaceted side of the work. I like being with people but need a break; I like office work but am glad to get out of the office after a while. I like home Bible studies and teaching English but like having some evenings off to go to bed early. I like the challenge of digging in God’s Word and preparing a message but also like to have a week off and then leading the worship.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what I do.